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Opportunities almost always exist; organization that dig and look for opportunities will find them.


Many companies have failed to deliver its initiatives because they lack the skills, drive, or the resources that have an “action-oriented mindset”.

In the current business environment speed and simplicity are desired as complexity would add layers of confusion, disconnection, and misalignment among team members and stakeholders.

sayAplus team can add a tremendous value to businesses through their experience in the following domains:

Project and Program Management (Agile, Waterfall, Stage Gate, DevOps)

Business Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, Kanban)

PMO (Program Management Office)

IMO (Integration Management Office)

COE (Center of Excellence)

Bureaucracy Reduction

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We are a boutique business consultancy with 20+ years of experience and proven track records in Business Transformation, Integration, Project / Program / Portfolio Management, Operational Excellence, Change Management, Training, and Coaching.

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