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PMO (Project Management Office)

  Does Your Business Need a PMO (Project Management Office)?

Project management is fairly easy for a new business. With only one or two projects taking place, it doesn't take much to get a handle on everything. However, as the business grows and the number of projects increases, project management can become overwhelming – unless something is done to make it easier and more efficient. This is where a PMO (Project Management Office) comes in.
A PMO is responsible for keeping track of the standards and specifications of projects, creating efficient ways of handling repetitive tasks, keeping required documentation, providing guidance, and keeping track of ongoing project metrics. The PMO focuses on these nuts-and-bolts aspects of projects, so those doing the project work can focus on accomplishing their assigned tasks.
PMOs are utilized to establish governance and to ensure that the efforts are aligned and not duplicative. They also allow for the teams involved to communicate and not over stepping on each other shoes. You’ll need to ensure that the initiatives are moving properly from ideation all the way to execution and closing without bottlenecks while a tracker is established to ensure a pulse check is applied frequently to know what is working, what is not working, and make any changes mid-course; all of that is part of the PMO objectives. 
sayAplus can help you establish and mature solid Project Management Offices whether they are project-specific, departmental, or enterprise PMOs.

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