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I wrote this book to provide a comprehensive perspective on how businesses can embrace change, develop an action-oriented mindset, adopt a customer-centric approach, leverage proven technology, enable a healthy culture to exploit market disruption, cope with catastrophic events, transform themselves, and deliver positive results.

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Subtle Shapes Transparent
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Rias Attar, is an accomplished business strategist, transformation expert, operational excellence leader, and project and change management professional.

Rias is an industry-awarded executive recognized for his ability to help strategize business architecture, identify areas to improve processes and outcomes, turn around businesses from deficient to profitability, champion continuous improvement efforts, deliver challenging cross-functional programs while working collaboratively with diverse types of stakeholders, lead and coach winning teams, and inspire staff to welcome change and deliver ambitious results

Subtle Shapes Transparent

Today, companies and their shareholders have high expectations and demand higher profit. Customers continuously demand better quality, lower prices, and better service. But how can a company change to win when the dividing forces of shareholders and customers pull in different directions?

Over the past few years, we have seen exponential change across industries, faster and more frequently than ever before. It is now the norm for organizations to deal with continual shifting due to factors such as technology, politics, pandemics, and globalization.

Companies and individuals often avoid addressing disruption because it is messy and uncomfortable. But the worst thing business leaders and executives can do is convince their crew that the problem will take care of itself.

While many organizations feel that change is a threat, others that generally succeed operate under the belief that change brings opportunities to improve products, services, technologies, people, and processes to realize a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Subtle Shapes Transparent

Changing to win should be the focus in the business transformation scope of work. Changing for the sake of change without a clear winning strategy is a waste of time and resources, and it is meaningless without a defined brighter future.

In recent years, many businesses have focused on transforming and optimizing their operations to meet evolving market demands or to keep up with changes in their environments.

Many of these efforts fail because one or more of the following three pillars do not get leadership’s proper attention: Strategies and Tactics; Delivery and Project Management; and Culture, Capabilities, and Change Management. It is a three-legged stool: in order for organizations to be stable and deliver their objectives, all of the elements in each category must be addressed with adequate balance.

This book also dives into the most common reasons for failure in business. I show you not only why the disruption is happening but also what organizations need to do, when they should act, how they should operate, where they should dig in, who should take the lead, and how much they need to invest in growing and sustaining a competitive advantage.

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