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Business Integration

Is integration scope and efforts keeping you up at night?

Mergers, acquisitions, divestiture, partnership, or development come with a need to integrate all aspects of people, process, technology, data, and controls that connect an organization with its new partners or blend and align its businesses with new operating models. The faster and smoother the business integration go the faster organizations can realize synergies and operate efficiently in the new environment. Businesses that are not fully integrated often suffer from significant cost increase and resource consumption while loosing their competitive edge.
Setting up a comprehensive integration playbook that outlines the scope and steps of the integration across several functions and business units is a key success factor. The integration playbook allows transaction teams to hit the ground running by providing a robust framework while arming them with the right tools and techniques to successfully integrate their organizations. 
A clear path to Day 1, Day 30, Day 100, and so on while defining roles and responsibilities is a good first step in enabling successful integration efforts.
Let sayAplus help you leave no stones unturned in your integration journey or establishing an IMO (Integration Management Office) to successfully and smoothly integrate your businesses, enable value creation, and accelerate growth.

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