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Outsourcing and Professional Services

  Why Use an Outsourcing Agency?

Companies often find it worthwhile to outsource labor in order to handle growing business needs,  take care of tasks they don't have experience in, or supplement their internal workforce with external resources.

Through its internal and external resource databases, sayAPlus can help you find the best-in-class contractors that help you achieve your objectives. We are happy to offer those resources under a C2C or W2 contracts. If you feel that the resource perfectly fits your corporate culture and you would like to hire that resource permanently then we work with you on a transition plan to fullfill your needs.


Positions that can be offered by sayAplus include but not limited to:

- Business Project Managers

- IT Project Managers

- Project Coordinators

- PMO Managers
- Integration Managers

- Change Managers

- HR Managers

- Lean Six Sigma Black Belts

- Business Analysts

- Data Analysts

- Financial Analysts

- Accountants

- IT and Cyber Security

- Design and Construction Engineers

sayAplus is flexible to offer a variety of contracting methods that fit your needs such as:

- Hourly Fee Arrangements

- Fixed Price Arrangements

- Term Specific Engagement

- Project Specific Engagement

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