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Crisis Management

  A good crisis management plan covers many possibilities and reduces negative business impact while speeding recovery and exploiting opportunities

Catastrophic events can happen anytime without prior notice. All businesses are susceptible to crises and that is why it is important to have a contingency plan ready to avoid significant damage to the company or even worse, getting out of business.


Organizations will continue to get hit by catastrophic unplanned events that are natural, technological, financial, personal, or organizational. It is helpful to have an enterprise ‘Contingency Outline’  that starts with thinking of common disaster scenarios, and then devising ways to respond to them. A dynamic crisis management or contingency plan helps accomplish the following:

  • React quickly to catastrophic events by having operational and communication plans ready to deploy quickly when needed.


  • Enhance safety measures for employees, customers, and suppliers by being able to address issues quickly with a health and safety plan.


  • Ensure business continuity by quickly leaning down to skeleton operations if needed or boosting operations to address immediate surge in certain practices.


  • Increase company’s reputation in the industry and confidence among customers and investors because it is seen as proactive, ready to act, and fully prepared to address any issues quickly.

  • Allow for fast business recover and reduce negative business and financial consequences

Organizations can get prepared to deal with catastrophic events by understanding the stages of which they have to react and determine how to respond to those events. Setting up a crisis management plan is just part of what is needed to deal with emergencies. The company must also set up a way to ensure that the plan is followed. Program management should be delegated to a set of personnel who are ready and capable of executing the plans. 

Contact sayAplus to see how they can help you have a contingency plan ready in case of plan assumption prove inaccurate or business trajectory suffer from a major dip for any reason.

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